The education sheet corresponds to the video „Lemonade” and contains exercises that require matching the fruit with its according colour and identifying the requiring materials for making the lemonade. Set the steps to making the refreshing drink. An exercise in which the children have to identify the elements that separate a soda from a home-made healthy juice.

Plant a Tree!

The educational sheet supports the video ”Plant a Tree!” and contains the following tasks: identifying and coloring the images, selecting gardening instruments, rearranging images from the video in the right order, signing images related to gardening, explaining in sign language some images.


Multiplying by 5

The education sheet corresponds to the video “Multiplying with 5” and contains exercises through which the child can gradually get from a string of numbers to a set of 5 items each. Also, the sheet contains exercises that involve repetitive addition, moving towards multiplying the numbers up to 10 with 5. 

Change Flowers Color!

This educational sheet corresponds to the video ”Change Flowers Color!”. It contains exercises for identifying what is being used in the movie, for identifying flowers and colors and the parts of a flower, vocabulary exercises (naming the pictures, match the word and the picture), a maze, drawing and writing about the activity in the video and a sequencing exercise.

Air Properties

The file corresponds to the movie “Air Properties” and it contains exercises that require: colouring, drawing the contour by joining of the numbers, circling of the objects which can float, numbering the order of making the experiment with the orange and exercises with words and simple sentences.

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